5 Ways To Use Mason Jars At Your Wedding

Mason jars are starting to become a staple item among weddings. Mason jars are versatile in usage from drinking glasses to vases. Here are 5 ways to use mason jars at your wedding.

1. Candle Holder – Mason jars make great candle holders weather they are part of your centerpieces or lining the aisle of your ceremony.


2. Wedding Stationary – If mason jars are a central theme for your wedding, using the mason jar symbol in wedding stationary will tie together the entire concept.


3. Table Numbers – Mason jar table numbers can also me an element of your centerpieces, or if flowers are added they can serve as centerpieces.


4. Drinking Glass – Mason jars serve as a great drinking glass that for your guests throughout the entire reception. They can also double as wedding favors if personalized.


5. Centerpiece – Mason jars make simple and rustic centerpieces that can be customized to your color scheme. Just as flowers and you have a completed centerpiece.