10 Tricks To Make Your Wedding So Much Easier

Getting married is one of the most important days of your life, so don’t let the seating chart and guest list drag you down. These 10 tricks from BuzzFeed will help make your wedding day the best day of your life!

1. Number your RSVP cards so that each one responds to a quest – This makes your life so much easier; if your guests fill out the card wrong (or if they have terribly handwriting) you will still know who’s coming.


2. Make and email account specifically for all things wedding related – This will help you keep everything organized and  in one place.


3. Check out Recycle Your Wedding to buy secondhand wedding items for much cheaper –They have everything from fashion to paper goods.


4. Use water and a foam brush to seal a lot of envelopes – Spare your tongue this time.


5. Use thank-you postcards to cut out envelopes entirely.


6. Use a personalized address stamp (or sticker) to save time – Get a custom stamp here.


7. Wedding/Bridal shows offer tons of free stuff and access to vendors Bring a sheet of sticker address labels to make filling out tons of forms simple.


8. Figure out your seating chart with color-coded sticky notes.


9. Register someplace that lets you return duplicates or unwanted gifts for cash.


10. Have guests fill out envelopes with their addresses at the reception to make thank-you notes that much simpler to send.



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