DIY Bridal Emergency Kit: Be Prepared For Any Wedding Day Mishap


Be prepared for your big day and any mishaps that may occur with this DIY Bridal Emergency Kit! The items listed below are items to include. However, this is kit is completely customizable – add whatever you think you will need!

1. Facial cleansing cloths
2. Mouth wash
3. Body lotion
4. Your favorite pain killer
5. Antacid tablets
6. Wrinkle release spray
7. Tampons/pads
8. Hair spray
9. Dental floss
10. Mints
11. Toothbrush/toothpaste
12. Lipgloss/Chapstick
13. Vaseline
14. Eyedrops
15. Extra pantyhose/extra panties (just incase!)
16. Bobby pins
17. Q-tips
18. Safety pins
19. Extra earring backs
20. Sewing kit
21. Band-aids
22. Lint roller
23. Straws
24. Dress tape
25. Nail file/clippers
26. Nail polish/top coat
27. Disposable razor
28. Deodorant
29. Super glue
30. Body spray/perfume
31. Scissors
32. Tide-to-Go
33. Granola Bars
34. Hand Sanitizer
35. Hair ties


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