10 Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want to Capture On Your Big Day

Getting married is one of the single most important events of a person’s lifetime. The strategic planning, the excitement of the ceremony, and the memories made at the reception are all worth while in then end, but time seems to fly by in an instant and the perfect day you planned is suddenly over. What better way to look back at those moments than with memorable and exciting wedding photos.

Wedding photos truly capture moments of love, excitement, fear, and everything in between. So, to save you from looking back in time at your photos and thinking, “We should have done something different,” take these 15 wedding photo ideas and use them as go-to shots for your big day.

1. L-O-V-E


2. A photo you can include in your thank-you notes.


3. Romantic first dance.


4. The secret meet-up.


5. Capturing a sentimental moment.


6. Candid photos of guests.


7. A “first-look” with your bridesmaids.


8. A shot with the two women who love you most – moms!


9. A fun reception entrance photo.


10. A shot where you’re surrounded by the people you love.



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