5 Unique Ways To Ask The Important Question, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Congratulations, your engaged! Now the fun starts.

Planning the wedding of your dreams just wouldn’t be the same without your A-team…your bridesmaids! Now, there are some people out there who just like to simply ask their best friends and family members to be in their bridal party, but with the popular DIY trend and “over-the-top” attitude, why not ask your lucky ladies in a unique and memorable way.

These 5 unique ways to ask that important question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?,” will leave your bridal party excited and feeling special.

1. Personalized wine bottles.

2014 is the year for wine. With wine being more popular than ever before, why not celebrate with something you all love. After giving these gifts to your soon-to-be bridal party, celebrate the way you love – with wine!

2. Personalized gift boxes.

Most likely if your asking someone to be your bridesmaid you know them pretty well. These personalized gift boxes can be filled with items unique to each person – nail polish, old photos, a piece of jewelry, anything! Have fun with this!

3. Simple personalized cards.

If your on a budget and short on time, these simple and customizable cards are the way to go. Your soon-to-be bridal party will be completely surprised by the simplicity and thoughtfulness.

4. Every girl loves a piece of jewelry.

There are many variations of what type of jewelry you can choose, but giving the gift a jewelry to your brides maids will surely put a smile on their faces. This is something they can keep and cherish forever. This gift will serve as a memory of good times.

5. Personalized photo frame.

Memories are captured through photos. Not only will this gift be heart warming, but could be used to hold a photo from the past, present, or future!


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